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"I felt powerless to my feelings and emotions and how to deal with them. Throughout my sessions with Recha I was able to take ownership of my feelings by having a greater understanding of myself. An important lesson I learnt was to not let my past experience influence my present day."

"I can't recommend Recha enough. Since I started having regular sessions with her I feel I have finally gained some understanding of the events that have led me to where I am now, how I can take control of who I am, my reactions to the events in my life and where I am going. She also provides a safe place to get anything I need off my chest and to untangle my thoughts or feelings in order to make sense of it all. She is compassionate and non-judgemental, and has given me hope that I can choose my own fate, which is something I had somewhat stopped believing. Thank you Recha!"

"Even though I am from a large family I often felt lonely. I could not understand why I felt so unloved and unwanted. Our sessions helped me to understand the dynamics of our family and my position in it. I gained self-confidence to become more outspoken and feel more seen now."

"I can really recommend Recha. If you feel unsure about going to counselling I suggest you just go for a first session and try it out. Recha is super kind and welcoming. She offers a great space for you to share as much or as little as you wish. Seeing Recha helped me gain a better picture of myself and what thoughts are in my head and why they are there. Thank you Recha!"

"Sometimes during my sessions I was overwhelmed by my sadness, and I thought counselling was not for me. Recha stayed warm and managed to make me feel comfortable despite my sadness. She helped me to identify my personal needs and how to communicate them more effectively. Thank you"

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